Friday, 9 August 2013

Fashion Friday:: Tilly Devine

So it's back. YAHOO! I'm excited. Big Kev's excited! Who isn't excited?! 

Today it's Tilly Devine. One of Australia's most infamous crime figures. While I wasn't looking to recreate Tilly's past, I did take some style cues from one of my favourite fashion eras - the 1920s. 

Those floaty longer-line frocks, coupled with loops of relaxed scarves, a comfy cardigan, and dishevelled hair. I'm halfway there! 

What you up to guv'nor?

Cardigan: Old, old, old Country Road
Scarf: MimCo
Dress: Gorman
Tights: American Apparel (they are the WORST - don't buy them)
Boots: Country Road
Necklace: a gift

Next week's theme: Breathless

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Missus Sabbatical said...

Guess who finally got home and was able to play! ...... you are looking amazing as always gorgeous. xx