Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Deeply Disturbing and Probing Investigation Into The Bread Bin

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It's true. Yes it is. 

I've been thinking about the humble bread bin - and what role it takes in our home. 

Because right now, our humble bread bin - is in fact, lying dormant. Neglected save for a few crumbs and a bread tie. 

Actually, that's a lie. Our bread bin is being used. As a bread shelf. Inside it might be empty, a vacuous space where you *could* store your yeasty goods. On the outside, ours is stacked with bread, bread rolls, five cookbooks and a box of Earl Grey tea. 

You look horrified. What kind of a bread bin am I running over here? 

I know, right?!

As part of my incredibly probing investigation, I cast the questions out to my Facebook and Twitter friends - do you have a bread bin? And if so, do you use it? 

In my years of being a proud owner of a bread bin (almost eight), I've discovered that rather than the bin playing gracious host to the bread - instead I forget the contents, and months later discover a plastic sack of velvety green stench-iness. Marie Curie I am not, but I'm sure we could bottle this and sell it back to our local pharmacist. 

Unsurprisingly, I had very few responses wound up getting quite a few responses. Actually I am surprised by this. Shocked even. But really, all I was after was quality. I was hardly ever going to ever get a sample of 1000: 

Exhibit A: This is weird - I was only thinking about a bread bin today, thinking should we get one as the bread is always on show! X

Exhibit B: Yep. It's filled with paperwork.

Exhibit C: Have one, don't use it. But I did when I was baking bread

Exhibit D: yes... and no.

Exhibit E: Yes, a Freedom one actually. Only had it for six months and I love it!

Exhibit F: Yep, I use mine.

Exhibit G: I have a bread tin but it has traditionally been used for storing cat litter. I haven't quite got over the fact that I don't have a cat any more.

Exhibit H: Yes, filled with half open packets of random biscuits, crisps etc which I totally forget about as they're hidden. Has never contained bread.

Exhibit I: ours was the unofficial 'third drawer' where school reports, old watches, red pens and overdue bills went to die #breadbin

Exhibit J: our bread bin is filled with chargers.

Exhibit K: My mum used one every day of my childhood. But she was a Virgo so that may explain a lot of things.

Exhibit L: used to but didn't use. Bread never lasts long enough to be put away now

Exhibit M: We've got one and use it - agree w above that it can make the bread go off quicker but we eat it pretty fast 

I could go on with more prime examples, probably right through the whole alphabet, but I'm calling it (even if the figures don't reflect the same - who says surveys have to be accurate?!). 

The bread bin, my friends, seems to be in the decline. Nearing extinction.  And I'm not alone! WAHOOO! 

Unless of course you decide to utilise your bread bin for other purposes, such as: 
- bread shelf
- filing bills
- cat litter
- stale biscuits and crisps
- chargers
- school reports, old watches, red pens and overdue bills
- or bread, if you're a Virgo

In which case - the bread bin is on the rise - buy a bread bin straight away, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Just grab the bread bin and run. 

But friends, for now, my probing investigation is here to deliver you the very disturbing news: not many people use a bread bin for its intended use. And for me, it's just taking up room on my bench. 


Chantelle : Fat Mum Slim said...

I should have mentioned further, that I relocated ours from the bench to the linen press. Basically I just need to de-file it into the filing cabinet and then throw the bread bin out.

I like clear bench space, and it was an el-cheapo, not very stylish bin at all... so the love isn't there.

Catherine Alekna said...

i use mine for bread for the first few days out of guilt and then it goes into the freezer or fridge. There are only two of us in the house and we're not big bread eaters so it goes mouldy before we get a chance to eat it. My mum had one when we were little and it was fine as we'd go through a loaf a day!
Now, if they temperature controlled bins to stop mould i would buy one!

hugoandelsa said...

We have lots of bread lying around to accommodate all the bread tastes in our house, organic sourdough, rolls, kid bread, turkish.... It is driving me nuts and I am looking for a bread bin. I used to have a fancy stainless steel one, but it went rusty so I ditched it. Now I think I want an old enamel one....Interesting that people don't use them so much...

I love that you're bringing these issues into the open and getting people talking about this stuff....

Reannon Hope said...

I have 3! One holds cat food & dog treats. One holds specialty flours. My newest biggest & fanciest bread bin I got this year for my birthday holds.....bread! On top of it sits cakes & biscuits in containers so its doing double duty !!
Long live the bread bin!!

Eddie said...

Lexi, I saw your bread bin tweet, and now I'm obsessed... Must have one! 39 years old and I'm suddenly irritated just this week by the bread, wraps and crumpets on the bench. Husband has predicted in 3 months it will be filled with panadols, baby bottles and all manner of shite... It won't stop me.