Sunday, 4 August 2013

I'm So Dog Tired. Please. Hold Me.

How did I end the weekend even more tired than when it began?

Friday night we went to The School. I got home late. 

Saturday night Matt got home from work looking sicker than any dog I've ever seen, and went straight to bed. I sat up by myself, and when I finally went to bed he woke up. It was one of *those* restless nights. Then Tiny came in. Then I took Tiny back to her bed. Then Matt tossed and turned. He was hotter than a volcano. In temperature. I lay awake. Then I finally fell asleep. Then Tiny came in. And so on and so forth. Repeat. 

I finally fell back into a deep sleep at 6:08am - when really, I could have just gotten up, but I was soooo doggone pooped. 

Then I ran around, and went to work. I didn't eat lunch, I just kept going and going. 

Man. Totes pooped. 

Two good things I did today? Made pikelets for my babes in the morning. And made Gourmet Girlfriend's haloumi and spinach gozleme for a crazy late lunch. 

What was good about your weekend? 

PS - I have a giveaway coming up this week! Stay tuned. 

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Reannon Hope said...

That sounds like shit Lexie! Nothing worse than being tired, except being hangry- that is the worst !!! Hope everyone is better & gets some sleep soon xx
Two things were good about my weekend. 1. Got some weeding done ( that job is the crap & I hate it!) 2. My biggest boy played an awesome game of footy today. Proud muma moment :)