Monday, 5 August 2013

Roadtripping:: Sponsored

This post is sponsored by Tyreright

A couple of months ago I mentioned to Matt that I thought my tyres needed checking. We're both not 'car' people, and so I left it a little longer, and then I mentioned again that our tyres needed checking. I asked my Dad about it, and then I left it for a bit longer. I went on this merry-go-round for longer than I should have, and I totally know how dangerous bad tyres are. They kept slipping when I was on an incline, and yes. I should have known better. 

Bad. I know. 

I've always thought I should learn to be more of a 'car girl', but it doesn't really interest me, and you can't make yourself be interested in things you're just not interested in. I've heard of courses you can do - but when do I fit that in?

I looked at our tyres, kicked our tyres, and then quietly filed it again in my mind - thinking sheesh, another massive bill we're going to have this month. Sigh. 

And then I got an email offering me the chance to try Tyreright. I'll be honest, I ummed and ahhed about it, and thought 'no' I won't do it, because I'm not into cars. Then I thought about the times I've been loaned cars to roadtest and thought how much I enjoyed them, and thought, well maybe I can give another view on this. But I wasn't accepting the challenge just yet. 

For me, when I accept a sponsored post, I want to feel a connection with whoever/whatever I am writing about. I still didn't accept despite the offer of new tyres. 

Having admitted already that I know very little about cars - I went onto Tyreright's website, and had a poke around. As someone that's not into cars - it was easy. Seriously. Last time I had our tyres changed, I had to ask for help because I don't know where to find all the details to figure out which tyres you need. 

With the Tyreright site, all you have to do is enter your car make and model, et voila! It will suggest tyres for you based on your priorities. You input what qualities are most important to you - et voila! It will narrow down the selections for you. 

Still, I thought, I want to talk to someone about tyres (so they can laugh at my lack of understanding and knowledge? No, no, just for piece of mind). The website has a live chat function. I was dubious, but started a conversation. 

I am someone who hates doing the car stuff because you hear the stories about mechanics and the like taking female customers for the proverbial ride, and being completely ripped off. So this anonymous chat felt like I could extract even more information, while still holding my cards to my chest. 

Jack - the guy I chatted to, was so helpful - sending me links to images showing what I should look for if I thought my tyres needed replacing, then suggesting tyres for me. It was accessible, easy, and I could do it all from the comfort of the couch.

Finally I relented and accepted the post. Our tyres needed changing, we had our seven hour roadtrip looming, and I wanted our car to be ready for the sometimes prickly school holiday traffic. 

I booked it all in online (it took me less than five minutes), chose my tyres, selected a time that suited me, turned up on the day - and within half an hour our tyres were fitted and I drove away - all in the space of my lunchbreak. They even offered to check my tyre pressure every six weeks if I visited them first thing in the morning. 

If cars are not your thing, and the ease and convenience of booking in for a tyre change online, and having the job done in under an hour appeals, then I'd happily recommend Tyreright.

If you're a PottyMouthMama reader (and we all know you are *cough*) there's a special code to receive 5% off your tyre purchase. PottyMouthMama. Now I am making all your tyre dreams come true! 

Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post.  Not being a car buff, I reviewed this experience honestly and highly recommend it, it was easy and quick. Honesty is the best policy!

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