Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rebooting: C25K - Week One

So ages ago I started C25K. I got to the middle of week two (I think), and then stopped.

This was about the same time I fell off the apple cart. 

Today I rebooted, got out there and knocked off day one of week one. The first leg I wanted to cry and sit in the gutter. It was poorly timed on my behalf, as the first run started on a massive incline, setting the tone for the rest of the workout. 

Given so many people were running the City to Surf, I thought I should take to the streets and sneak in some exercise for myself. 

By the time I got home I was completely KOed. And now on the flipside I feel pretty good - not only physically, but mentally retuned and ready for the week ahead. 

And ready for day two and day three of C25K (the first day is the worst day, well that's my mantra anyway). 

I think I stopped exercising after holidays because work was busy, and life was busy, and I stopped prioritising myself and my time. Please don't get the world's smallest violin out, but when you're a mum, everyone else is above you in the food chain. It's called Burnt Chop Syndrome for a reason. 

I am back in the saddle friends! 


Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

Not only have I Downloaded this app. I have even made a playlist. Yet, I have not yet started! I ran 5km 3 years ago without an app just from working it out myself so I know I can i it but when?

Kate Dixon said...

Hearing you loud and clear. Post NYC have dropped the ball with le old hot room...very sporadic = agony afterwards. I seriously underestimated the impact another day of work would have on exercise, cooking blah blah blah. Maybe I need juggling lessons?

Cilla said...

I put up a newbie guide to running on my blog which you might be interested in.
Good luck, keep at it.

Cilla said...

Try this link, sorry

Sam said...

We just bought a rowing machine and spin bike for the studio out the back. I could barely do 25 mins of exercise. I felt crap afterwards, knowing I used to be so fit and now i feel like a blob.

Keep on truckin' girl, you can do it!


Missus Sabbatical said...

love it! happy moving gorgeous, enjoy some PMM time for you xxx