Sunday, 1 September 2013

Fully Sick

Last week I was giving myself a pep talk.

On Monday, when I felt the sting of a sore throat - I started positive affirmations such as "I am not sick - and I am not getting sick."

On Tuesday, I felt a little lousier, but still continued with the affirmations.

Wednesday, much the same. Thursday my voice morphed into a drag queen. Friday, ditto. Saturday I felt completely lousy, but bucked up for a friend's birthday soiree, although that throat, my head, meh. And Sunday, bloody Sunday - I wake feeling pretty much how I think rat shit feels. Like rat shit.

I am so sad and mad! I was up to week three of C25K. I was having fun at training. And then I got sick, and I have barely moved off the couch today. Covered in a blanket, with a box of tissues, some Difflam, and iView. I. Am. So. Bored. 

I've given Matt an IOU for Father's Day. For a retake. I had plans - and he wound up on cooking, kitchen and kid duty. 

Please. Tell me something exciting. 


robyn said...

1. you'll be back running soon. i will still be 'sedentary' - yep by definition
2. in the meantime, drink tea, lots try gen mai Cha... hot sluicing of tonsils recommended
3. check this: and giggle

Sam Stone said...

Something exciting.....well this is exciting for me....I am going to Pink tonight!!

theredthread said...

Poor Lexi! This won't be exciting news for now, but next time - yes! OK, when you say "I am not sick" what you hear is "sick". Affirmations have to always be positive... like "I am healthy and full of energy". Never use a negative like "not". Hope you're feeling much better now. xx