Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Finding Flowers In The Garden:: Bored At Home

I've had three days in bed. Do you know how bored I have become? I sleep. I wake. I sleep. I wake. I blow my nose. I have a cup of tea. I watch some iView. Then I fall asleep again. And then I do it all over again. 

Today was the first time I'd stepped foot outside during these past few days. That sunlight - wow! And kapow! 

The highlight was getting up to put some washing in the washing machine. High times friends, I am telling you what. Except, really, the highlight was as I was walking back inside - I found these orchids growing in what I would classify 'the ugly part of the garden'. This is the section that the landlord thought might look good with native flora - and it might, if every year it wasn't covered in a camellia heads, a wasteland of rotting petal corpses.

But these orchids were like a gift. Highlight of my day. 

What's been the best bit of your day?

PS - Sam Stone, how was P!nk??


Catherine Alekna said...

oh pretty! Im feeling very icky myself but i was very happy to see my African daisies opening up. this early spring is making my garden so pretty!

Sam Stone said...

Orchids are my favourite flower!!
P!nk was AWESOME! She is so amazing. Just what I needed too.