Saturday, 28 September 2013

In Preparation For Frocktober:: A Haircut with Desmond & Molly Jones

So I got my hair cut today! Cue loud cheers, dancing and a ticker tape parade. Maybe some pinatas too.

Amazing, considering I haven't had it cut since May. That's so crazy-town because I really, really love having my haircut. And washed. And blow-dried. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and sleep. 

I decided that before Frocktober starts, I had to get myself ready - and what better way than with a haircut.

Ages ago the good people of Desmond & Molly Jones invited me to their salon. I was never able to make it, months passed, and I decided it was time to get a chop. I loved the look of the salon, and they sounded like my kind of people, so I booked myself in with Kate for a cut, et voila! I feel like a new woman.

I am so glad I visited. Besides the deliciously beautiful name, it's a treasure trove of eye candy. Mirrored benches, rosettes adorning the walls, a gold pig, and people that make you feel as though you've been friends for years. I even got to take our new worms there (more on that later) much to everyone's amusement.

It is amazing how having a great hair day can put not only a bounce in your hair but a spring in your step. Kate not only gave me a great cut, but also some great tips on getting the world's biggest dreadlock (aka brat's nest) out of Tiny's hair (more on that later too), and my hair smells like my favourite Evo products. 

Desmond & Molly Jones
98 Albion Street
Surry Hills, NSW
P: 02 9281 2100 

Disclosure: I paid for the experience. I loved the experience. I wanted to share. I'd totally recommend a visit! 


Miss C said...

Can I ask where your gorgeous summies are from?

Cat_BeLoverly said...

You look super amazing! This salon seems like my kind of place though sadly, a little far to travel across the other side of the country! I too haven't had a cut since May and am much in need of one! Enjoy your bouncy, gorgeous locks x

Lexi Kentmann said...

Of course you can! They're just some cheapie Le Specs - the style is 'Capone' - I think they were about $60. x

Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

You look so beautiful :)
I love the name Molly.

Steph Bond-Hutkin said...


Missy C said...

Awesome! Thanks