Friday, 27 September 2013


I've got 5 days of with my family. That's pretty awesome. Mid school holidays, and it's so nice to spend time the four of us at home. Not much to do, nowhere to go, it's actually my idea of bliss. 

School holidays are pretty rad. 

To keep my smalls busy, I've booked them into a MAKE.PLAY workshop at Object Gallery in Surry Hills for tomorrow. I think they'll love playing and talking worms, who wouldn't? 

And while they're doing that Matt and I are going to hang out together in Surry Hills. Squeeee!

I'm getting my haircut. Double squeegee! 

I'm listening to that song above, like it's nobody's business, and this one too

Our landlord wants to inspect our house - we've lived here three years and had one inspection and they're calling it a routine check up. HA! Anyway we're kind of freaking out because our house is what I'd classify a grade A pigsty. It's so small and there's nowhere to put anything. Someone. Send help. 

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