Monday, 23 September 2013

The Emmys: Big Bird, Sophia Vergara, Zooey Deschanel, Persian Carpet Sale, Elisabeth Moss, Someone's Granny's Upholstered Armchair

In a sea of safe, this dress is a real standout. Yes it reminds me of Big Bird. But yellow never fails to make me smile, the cut is beautiful, it's frothy and feminine and I just have to love it. However while I love the yellow - it appears she's got a LEGO wig on (moreso in other images), and I'd love to ruffle up her hair a little. 

 We get it Sophia Vergara. You have an incredible body. Yep. Recognised. Acknowledged. Please, next awards ceremony, wear a different dress - this *yawn* is getting predictable. 
This is pretty, and lovely, and charming and a whole lot of other insipid, gushy words. And if Zooey was mother of the bride, I'd be happy. But she's not, so where does she get off wearing the dress of a 50 year old? Bring back the 50s cuts and flirty skirts. 
 Sometimes all you can do is lie on the ground, do a few rolls and wear a Persian carpet to an event. At least no one else is going to be wearing the same. 
 It's well-documented how much I love Elisabeth Moss. Supremely classic in black and white, I can't fault her. 
What part of dull grey, ill-fitting, assymetrical, lacey dress sounded appealing?

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missv said...

The lady in the grey dress is Zooey's sister, perhaps they went shopping together?