Monday, 23 September 2013

The Emmys: Cat Deeley, Moreena Baccarin and Some Other People I Don't Know

Cat Deeley, usually flawless, but this? Are you auditioning for Star Trek? It's the only way I can justify this frock choice. 

Swoon. Morena Baccarin, the epitome of grace and beauty - there's no more beautiful sight than a blossoming pregnant belly. Well to me anywhere. This is pretty well near perfection. 

 I've got one tip for this lady. A slip.

And this one? Out with her brother and showing off her granny panties? Get a slip.
 I love this. But trim the hem. A common affliction these Emmys. 
Is she on the red carpet, or is she about to go exercise in her perforated evening gown? I know it's sport luxe, but I can't help but think of Tena Lady. 

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Rebecca said...

hahaha, 'get a slip' is the new saying.