Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 3:: Frocktober - Smarter Than The Average Bear

Today was a funny old day. It was slightly chilly, but I thought - heck, it's mid-Spring - it'll warm up.

It didn't. 

I went out in a cotton dress and a silk slip - and came home in a newly purchased long sleeve t-shirt, and a cardi I had in my handbag, with cold legs. 

Seriously Sydney - I shake my fist at you! 

I have no back story for this dress - except to tell you, if you wear it to a picnic, it's the perfect camouflage. 

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For risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer - please head here. 

Dress: Witchery
Slip: Lee Mathews
Shoes: Converse
Bangles: Gifts from awesome friends and family
Scarf: Vintage 


lindyinbrisbane said...

Brrr, keep a pair of tights and a scarf in your bag with your cardi for cold emergencies!

Sally said...

You are just gorgeous, Lexi. So stylish and a true beauty. xx