Monday, 28 October 2013

Dermalogica Clear Start (Sponsored)

When I was a teenager I read Dolly, talked all afternoon the phone to my besties, kept letterbooks with my friends - recalling in excruciating detail everything that had happened each day. I loved fashion (which was totally in conflict with today's teenage uniform of too-short denim shorts, and midriffs), and I memorised all my favourite song lyrics. I'm pretty sure that never came in handy.

My beauty regime consisted of cleansing, moisturising and then go. It was pretty simple. 

Roll on the years - and you can ditch the soapbar - Dermalogica has launched their new Clear Start range for teenagers. Oh man. If only this was around when I was a teen. 

I spoke with Emma Hobson, Education Manager of the International Dermal Institute about the merits of looking after your skin as a teenager. So now us mums just need to help make it a reality! 

Why is it important to look after your skin as a teenager?

EH: Over 85 per cent of teenagers are afflicted with acne breakouts, so taking preventative action can help a great deal in assisting them to navigate this challenging period of their lives. Keeping a handle on teen breakouts is never easy, especially with so many raging hormones to contend with.  However a great deal can be achieved when incorporating a good skin care routine. In order to avert skin problems teens need to use products that are designed for their specific skin concerns, and that are formulated with ingredients that address oiliness, breakouts and congestion. They should look for products that also contain a high volume of anti-inflammatories which  will help  heal the lesions rapidly and reduce the incidence of a pigmented scars.  

What's wrong with just soap and water?

EH: Soap, having an ‘alkaline pH’ strips, irritates and dries the skin (both surface oil and moisture). If the skin is 'stripped’ of its natural oils it responds by producing more oil, resulting in the skin being more oily, not less! The alkaline pH also causes increased skin sensitisation.

Does taking care of your skin earlier effect how your skin is later in life?

EH: For sure. If during puberty you can keep your skin healthy and free of congestion, this means less breakouts which equates to less scarring. There should also be a focus on keeping it protected from the environment (think free radicals and sun damage), which will result in less premature ageing and skin discolouration (not forgetting that it also reduces the chances of contracting skin cancer). If you can do all of the above, you’ll noticeably enjoy the benefits of your investment in good skin care.

'When I was a teen my top priority was...' Share a photo on Instagram of what you'd love to bring back from your teen years for your chance to win a gift pack valued at $500. Be sure to tag @DermalogicaAus and #ClearStart in your post.

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Cass Ward said...

I'll have to head over to Instagram because I love Dermalogica products but more importantly I would love to get some of these products for my big girl. Although she isn't a teenager yet she is starting to get a few spots and some blackheads and I am trying to find some products to get her into a good routine.