Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 28:: Frocktober - So You Think You Can Nana.

This frock has a story. Pre-Frocktober I spied it in a oppie. I walked past it. I walked back to it. I looked at it. I touched it. I wasn't sure about it. So I Instagrammed it and asked you if it was too nana. 

After many people said, yep, too nana, I went and tried it on. And I liked it. Actually. I really loved it.

Not only is it vintage, but it's hand-made - and the detail is pretty darn charming. The buttonholes have been carefully hand-stitched, the lining has been carefully selected to match the green of the print. I could say I fell in love with it. 

So I snapped it up. And waited and waited and waited to wear it. 

And today was that day. It might be a bit nana, but I really love it. 

Add a belt and a pair of heels and it freshens things up. The fabric is SO so good, it's just cute.

SO this is the dress that you might have hated and I definitely fell head over heels for.

There's only three days left of Frocktober. If you've been thinking about sponsoring me - the time is nigh! 

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Country Road
Belt: Country Road
Earrings: Sophie Kyron

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Frock This Town said...

That dress is amazing! Love it. And the belt is perfect.