Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Garage Sale Trail:: 26th October

I'm fan-girling Sally Seltmann, ambassador for The Garage Sale Trail 

Let's talk about vintage stuff. Pre loved stuff. It's the stuff of my dreams. Remember way back when I went skip diving for weeks on end. My friends, that was some kind of Utopian experience. Honestly. A high point in my life - and I know for many readers, it was a favourite period of PMM too. 

So a garage sale is high on my dream to do list. If I see a garage sale, I must pull over. It's like when it's hard rubbish and I spy something with potential goodness. Must pull over. Much to my husband's disgust.

Thankfully the last few weeks I've been getting a little ruthless tossing things out. Well actually just sending them off to other people, charities, and maybe hoarding for my own 'one day garage sale'. 

If you're like me, it will warm the cockles of your heart to know that The Garage Sale Trail is on the approach. Empty your shelves and coathangers my friends, and get ready to declutter, recycle, upcycle, and get shopping! 

You can register your own sale, and you'll be added to the map! Or if you're like me, you can map out the hot spots and get on the trail. My heart's palpitating just thinking about it. You can customise the sale, or search for something you're looking for. Is this all your wishes coming true? Sigh. Me too. 

My tips for hitting The Garage Sale Trail?

Get organised: Check out what sales are happening in your neighbourhood via the site. Then you can map your day out. Plus you need cash. Not necessarily lots of it, but don't take $50 notes and expect people to have change. I try and take a mix of notes and coins, and I set a budget. 

Take some bags: I always take a couple of bags when I go to garage sales. Then I can shop without stuff in my hands, and I have a bag to take home my purchases

Look carefully: When I go to sales, I get all panicky and think I have to grab things and buy. Bad move Lexi! Think about what you really want to buy - and keep that top of mind. When you find something you like - check it out, look for cracks, stains, missing buttons (are you really going to replace them?),  does it fit?

And lastly - but most importantly, do not WHATEVER YOU DO take your husband or your children. If you do, you will rue my words. Trust me my friends. 
The Garage Sale Trail Ambassador - Stylist Jason Grant 

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