Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 18:: Frocktober - Frida(y)

I upped the ante this week and did Frida(y). 

Little Tienda offered me a frock and was the inspiration - I came to the party with my headband, and accessories - including power brow and mo. 

I will have you know I left the house and went to work like this. A colleague came up to me, looking quizzically. I assured him I'd drawn my mo on. 

So I hit my goal of $4,5000 - actually I got $4,555.55. Now I need to set a new goal given there's still 13 days left in the month. Can you help me reach $5,000? Every dollar helps, $5 is amazing. 

Back to the frock - Little Tienda has generously offered PMM readers 10% off Senora Las Flores dresses - with 20% of these sales being donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, until the end of October. 

These dresses are seriously comfortable and will become a summer staple for me. Later in the day I added a belt, but whatever way you wear them - they are incredible. That embroidery is MWAH - so special. 

Thank you Little Tienda for helping making Frida come to life today. I had a blast. 

Dress: Little Tienda
Headband: I made it
Mono and mo: Drawn on 
Earrings: Hmm. Can't remember
Necklace: Sussan
Bangles: A gift from a long time ago 
Sandals: Country Road


Frock This Town said...

This is FAB!

Rebecca said...

So awesome! I would have had to do the 'what? Is there something on my face?' to the Looks!