Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dear Diary:: It's About Breaking Bad. It's Super Good.

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make. 

Despite being totally behind the eight ball on this, I am totally smitten, obsessed, head over heels for Breaking Bad. 

It's super good. 

I watch it almost every night, because I am trying to catch up on six seasons. Yes diary. I am that far behind. It's almost embarrassing. It's almost retro. Yo. 

But I am out and proud. I love it. So. Damn. Much. 

In fact, I think I am turning into Walt White. Except for the illegal stuff. Ok. Except for all of it. 

And I've got a mad keen crush on Jesse Pinkman. Except for the illegal bits. 

The fact that I love the show so much may be ok to deal with. You can accept me for this obsession, because millions around the world are equally as enamoured by it too. 

However tonight, when my husband said: 'I need a break from Breaking Bad' he might as well have ripped out my heart, stomped on it, and then rubbed it on the dirty kitchen floor.

I've got a Breaking Bad crush, and how very dare he get in the way of it. 

Now I'm *allegedly* lined up to watch a Benigni film tonight. Can you imagine my despair?

No. Probably not. 

What to do dear diary? My husband wants me to break up with Walt and Jesse - I'm now in a love square. Me. Walt. Jesse. Matt. = Awkward.

Think of me tonight, when I am torn from my friends. It's going to be tough, but I'll just sweat it out. Bitch.



mogantosh said...

Yo bitch, Keoith and I are watching Breaking Bad tonight. Season 5. But I feel for Matt too. We have been so slow because we can't binge through it; too intense. Have to break a BB cycle with a bit of Mad Men or 30 Rock to lower the blood pressure. Plus, we seem to manage only one or two a week at the mo. The days of falling asleep on the lounge to the 4th ep of West Wing are over. Middle age called. It made me go to bed earlier.

Watch the Benigni, yo.

jenn said...

How good is it??? We only started watching it about 12-18 months ago then did a mega binge over the last few months and managed to catch up *just* in time for the series finale. I love that I love the show but hate Walt but love Jesse but think they're all totally tragic but totally loveable at the same time. The writing is awesome, the acting is stellarrr and the twists and turns completely unexpected. One of my faves of all time that's for sure. Enjoy!!

Sam Stone said...

I love Jesse too.

cannahanda said...

Yup Yup..get it totally. Try and get hooked on two things at time - House of Cards and Breaking Bad - both so so good and addictive. Sometimes you need a Breaking Bad break as it's so intense, intense, intense!

Kristy said...

Season 4 is practically Shakepearean. For reals.