Tuesday, 14 January 2014

5 Must Haves For A Happier Summer

We're in the thick of it. Summer. Happy. Hot. Sweaty. Sweet, sweet summer. Here's a list of five things I don't think you can do without. Well. Almost. 

Ginger + Gillligan I Dream of Indigo beach tipi $285:: I saw one of these on the beach (the day before I went back to work - boo hiss! WAAAAH!) and instantly fell deep, deep, deeply in love. As a fair skinned lass, I avoid the beach in high-sun times - which means we only go first thing in the morning or late in the day. I think this tipi is super awesome - look how ace it looks, but it's also a practical thing - we could spend a little more time digging in the sand. 

Super Sunglasses - America Francis from Off the Runway $220:: Wear sunglasses. All of the time. Ok well not when you're inside because you'll just look like an idiot. But listen to me. Wear them. I have a pterygium which is about as glamorous as it sounds. It's also known as 'surfer's eye'. In short, my eyes got damaged from sun exposure, and if I don't wear sunglasses a) it makes them incredibly cross and b) the pterygium will grow - resulting in surgery. Um yeah. So wear sunglasses. And make them good ones.
Country Road wide crushable hat $59.95:: If you have never noticed - I really, really love wearing hats. And I'm a big fan of big floppy hats in particular. They make me think of that romantic era in style - the 70s. As well as being incredibly practical they can also cover up a bad hair day, hide you from someone you don't want to see, and help protect you from the sun.

Dermalogica After Sun Repair $45:: It's a no brainer that you have to use sunscreen. All. The. Time. I try and use sunscreen as much as possible. Sometimes I flunk out. Other days I get a gold star. If I get a little too much sun, this cream is the shiz. It's cool and soothing to the skin, smells good, and works a treat on sun reddened skin. It also helps to repair damage from UV exposure - totally worth bathing in if you ask me. 

Castle 'Happy Place' towel $49:: An awesome towel is one of my favourite things for Summer. I can't wait to lay that thing down on the sand and stake my claim on that little spot (for an hour at least). These colours. Those words. A recipe for happy. 

What are your must-haves for Summer?

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