Friday, 17 January 2014

Fantasy Fashion Friday:: Mime

It's back! It's better than ever (or is it?). It's MIME TIME! 

This week I shook off the shackles and went all silent films and street performer on you. Well. I would have if I didn't love talking so much.

But I dressed up for the occasion, and look at me now. Would you put a dollar in my hat? Probably not. I'm not very talented at mime. But I try my friends!

I even drew on a fake beauty spot that was to cover up a sneaky pimple. How's that for dedication?!

If you're playing along tag your IG or FB posts #pmmfff (that's PottyMouthMamaFantasyFashionFriday for those not in the know - try saying that 10 times fast!). And let me know so I can be the Marcel to your Marceau.

Next week's theme: The Devil Wears Prada

Hat: My Mum's vintage hat! 
Jacket: $5 vintage Sportscraft from the oppy!
T-Shirt: Genki
Scarf: A gift
Jeans: Country Road
Sandals: Habbot

1 comment:

Sam Stone said...

I love the hat Lexi and your mime moves xo