Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Bra Police:: Hands Up, I'm Padding You Down

I know it's pretty well in the category throughout Australia that it's 'too-hot-to-wear-a-bra'. They should have one of those charts they have for bush fires so that all women are comfortable in the knowledge that they should unleash the beast and set their boobies free. 

So spare a thought for me. Of the small boobied variety. All my bras have about 10cm of padding in them foam. It's sweaty in there.

And this is not my flipping fault.

Recently I went to go bra shopping (right up there with shoe shopping for one of my most loathed sorts of shopping for me), and I thought - I am so sick of padded bras. Let's be real, I am going to just have some nice non-padded bras, and no underwire while we're at it - and be done with these faux boobies. 

I found plenty of non-padded bras that I liked. Plenty. 

But none in my size. 

It's as if the designers of bras decided that NOPE - if you're flat chested, then you are totally going to have to wear padding. The End. Don't even try and have a conversation about it. 

Padding. Underwire. You're getting the whole lot. We don't care if you're at one with your petite cleavage. 

It kind of defies logic. Doesn't it? I don't need any hardcore engineering. I don't need a designer to fashion some webbing the latest elastic and a bit of lace (actually and some bows, diamantes, polka dots, and whatever else you can throw on it - because let's make it look like a haberdashery store threw up on this piece of underwear). I just need some boobie covers. Nothing much else really. Let's be brutally honest. 

Before you say - did you try this brand, or this brand, or this brand? The answer is no. Like I said, I hate bra shopping. With a vengeance. And I know that Calvin Klein bras fit me, so I go straight to that section. When I am bra shopping, I shop like a man. No faffing around, I'd rather be sitting on the man seat than in the change room. 


Reannon Hope said...

In the 1 day between stopping breast feeding & finding out I was pregnant again I was quite excited to put on one of my old non maternity bras, that is until I put it on. So bloody uncomfortable!!! I think once I push out this last baby & stop feeding her I am going to throw out all my push-up, underwired, padded bras & treat myself to some nice new comfortable ones :)

Jules said...

Ugh...I agree. The other day I was just sick (and sore) of too much underwire and put on the ONLY bra I own with no padding or underwire and for the first time in ages, I actually felt like my boobs looked good! Good to me anyway. I will be trying to find more like this.

Andrea Hamann said...

ha, you need boobie covers, and I need over shoulder boulder holders, only these days they are saggy boulder holders. Babies. They just demolish boobs don't they.

shannon said...

calvin klein do nice, plain unwirey bras for no boob people. or small boob people. like me.
nice change from padding and liquidy filled heaty weirdness.

Sam Stone said...

I hate bra shopping too. I haven't bought a new one for years and years. And probably won't for years and years. I much prefer to be without one, which is easy for me as I have small boobs!

Helena said...

no sympathy from me! - I would love to be "small boobied" - I dream of not having to wear a bra at all - I envy you

Sue Innes said...

Only the Itty Bitty Titty Committee can go bra less on a hot day anyway, Lex. When you have ample bossom (as I do - C/D cup) and have breast fed children (as I have) and they are thus now positioned WELL below where they started, there is just a few too many centimetres of flesh on flesh contact when one goes braless. It is indeed a hot and sweaty affair! God, I even wear a singlets with a shelf bra or Bonds Bra Tank to bed. Lift and separate is the key to my bossom happiness.
Not to revel in your discomfort, but I am so very comforted to hear there is heat generated by the push up padding, because I thought you A/B cuppers had the holy grail. No underboob sweat and all the snazzy looking bras in the lingerie section. Oh and you probably don't have indents in your shoulders from years of wearing the necessary thick straps over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders require. No strapless items in my wardrobe either :(

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