Monday, 13 January 2014

Golden Globes:: Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Julie Delpy, Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Emma Roberts

Amy Adams - I am a fan. But this dress reminds me of blood platelets, and I don't really want to think about blood platelets when I'm watching the Golden Globes. Valentino can do no wrong, and I guess if it makes me donate blood - then everyone's winning. 

 Yawn. Is it that time already Malibu Barbie? Gee whiz. I have to go to bed soon.

 This is how the red carpet is done and won. Ladies, I give you Julie Delpy. 
And Helen Mirren - magic. This is so, so beautiful. Mirren always looks gorgeous, and this colour is a nice change from the neutrals she usually wears. I love a little colour. Whatever tipped you off?
Just after the ceremony Julia Roberts had to go to Officeworks to top up the stationery supply. It was shame she was double booked, but busy times people calls for a little wardrobe ingenuity. 
I want to like this, but it's playing tricks on my eyes and I keep thinking Sandy, that your waist is the size of my wrist, and I feel awfully uncomfortable. Then my eyes can see the truth and I feel ok. And then they forget and your waist shrinks again. Unless you're Escher, you can't wear this again.
Emma Roberts - I say yes! Simple and chic, this is a beautiful look and those earrings are the perfect touch. Like THE perfect touch. 

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Sam Stone said...

Like Amy Adam's dress. Do not like Sandra Bullock's, YIKES!