Monday, 20 January 2014

SAG Awards 2014:: Kerry Washington, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Jared Klum, Claire Danes, Elisabeth Moss, Meryl Streep

Oh Kerry. Last week you had us in Balenciaga. This week in Prada, I am feeling like I got Punk'd. I love the colours, but I'm just confused. Where's your bump gone?!  

 Obligatory man in tuxedo shot.
It's a pantsuit! Valentino should give poor Julia her money back. Unless of course she's heading to Vegas, or even Florida. 
If Heidi Klum was a man, this is who she would be. 

I am so glad to see Claire Danes has worn sparkles on the red carpet. I am a sucker for sparkles, and this is one of my favourites at the SAGs (who the heck named these awards? The inventor of Botox?). It's taken me a long, long time to forgive Danes since she broke Ben Lee's heart. But I am finally over it. I can forgive (even if it does take 10 years) and almost forget. Radiant. She shines. Well of course she does. She's covered in sequins.  
I am thrilled that Elisabeth Moss has ditched the arachnophobic frock from the Golden Globes - I am so all over her in red, like a hot rash. I'm in a hot rash, not her. She looks so, so breathtakingly gorgeous - and with that red lip. Don Draper would have her in his office in a flash.
I don't know if you heard, Meryl Streep got a new cat. 

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