Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Secret Santa

Last night Matt and I snuck out of the house. We gently closed the door behind us, and left our two sleeping children and sleeping kitten, and crept out into the street. 

We were heading out with our arms full. Of garbage. For we were off on a merry adventure, to spread Christmas cheer to all of our neighbours. 

We really, really were. We really, really did.

For you see, dear reader, we forgot to put our garbage bins out before Christmas. And then we came back to some funky garbage that was brewing good and proper in the heat, and an almost overflowing recycling bin. 

We lived for a fortnight. Our dustbins they runneth over. I had a hissyfit. Matt ignored me. 

And last night, it finally came around to yellow bin night, and we snuck out. I told Matt we were just like Santa, giving all the neighbours recycling bins some presents so that they were nice and full. 

I don't think he was buying it - I think he was more pre-occupied with someone walking out and catching the two of us, in our PJs, in the middle of the street gifting garbage. 

Thankfully at 11pm most of our neighbours are fast asleep, and we got to declutter good and proper. 

I can't wait 'til I receive all our neighbours thank you letters. 

1 comment:

Sam Stone said...

OMG! Lucky we don't live on the same street....cause we might have bumped into each other with our secret santa sacks ;)