Thursday, 9 January 2014


Just in case you had missed the big news in our house - we got a kitten! 

We've lived in our house for over three years, and we'd previously asked our real estate agent if we could get a pet - to receive 'no' as the answer. We were pretty sad, but what can you do except keep a few pet ants? Oh wait. No they just help themselves to our pantry. I evict them regularly.

We saw our landlord recently and I asked Matt if he could ask him. I didn't think much of it - then Matt came back to me about 1/2 hour later and told me - we could get a cat! 


We don't mess around, so two days later we went to the Cat Protection Society to meet the kittens. Met our little guy, fell in love - et voila. 

It's almost a week and we are totally smitten with our kitten. 


Catherine Alekna said...

aww what a cutie! what is her/his name though?

Emma Bovary said...

too cute!

Reannon Hope said...

kittens are so much fun!

Sam Stone said...

Oh my, so cute!! I just want to cuddle him/her!

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