Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What You Want Me To Blog About

It's been a while my friends. I don't want to bore you with my reasons other than to say - you know when Bjork sang "it's oh so quiet". Well let's switch those lyrics out - and sing "I'm oh so tired, shhh shhh."

Not sleeping. Not eating. I am totally stressed. 

I'm contributing my verse, as per Apple's instructions. This is my freaking verse. 

Like Fantine in Les Miserables - I dreamed a dream. 

I did people. I did dream a flipping dream. And life is not quite what I expected. Which is both enchanting and exasperating.

Right now, I am so tired to the bones that my bones are aching. I just need a really huge hug. But then - do not look at me. No. Don't even dare. Because if you do, if you are too nice to me, I will cry.

I am right there my friends. 

So instead I am delivering the things you've requested via Facebook:

1. Kitten News: We've hit the teenage months when the cat canters through the house like a race horse. Gai Waterhouse would do well to get over here, because when he runs, he really runs. 

I have one good hand, and one battered hand. The battered hand is the hand that Happy likes to attack. 

He's taken to climbing the flyscreen. 

He's totally, purely, utterly, extremely crazy.

I would like it if he'd sit a little closer to me on the couch at night. I would really like that. Right now I have to play hard to get.

2. A people post merged with part of the reason I haven't been blogging: Last year Matt's job finished up. It wasn't something we'd planned for - and as such, it took some mental adjustment. For some part - it was over the holidays, and it was kind of good because we don't really have anyone to look after our kids; but on the other side, it was super stressful as only money woes can be. 

While being able to support and provide for my family has been awesome - it's also wearying. And emotional. And I feel like I never get to see my children enough. And when I do, I am a cranky tired ogre. 

There's also the bit where paying bills is a huge struggle. Yeah. That bit. 

In the morning I may well delete number 2 from this post. I hate talking about this stuff.

3. Oscar Prep: I am pretty sure all celebrities are polishing up their sequins. Let's guess that J-Law is going to wear Dior. Heidi Klum is going to be attention seeking. Sophia Vergara (if she attends) will wear a fishtail frock. Because she always. thinks. she's a mermaid. And has to keep showing us her incredible hourglass figure. Yes. We're jealous. The men will wear suits. Boring. 

4. Miscellaneous: I can't stop listening to this song. If you need a big sob, play this. And watch the clip. And then look at how hot Christina Aguilera is.

This is the post that you asked for. 

Feel free to ask me a question. I'll answer it. Ask me anything. 


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I would totally give you a hug x

Missus Sabbatical said...

Can I hug you back? You've been so kind to me, your gorgeousness and your dress ups, your youTube songs your everything has meant so much. Sending you so much love.... and cant click on the song as I will cry too much

And fishtail - urgh - over it xxx

Missus Sabbatical said...

totally get what you mean about the grouchy-ness and minimal time parenting - it sucks massive ones xx

Reannon Hope said...

Don't delete number 2 Lexie, it's real life & it's your real life. Money stuff sucks arse :(

Kittens are the best but from my experience they do not like to cuddle- unless you show them no interest then they love you!

Hope you're ok soon Lexi xxx

Bec said...

I feel you PMM. Love your honesty. If it helps, your tiredness is not showing at all in the photo, you look gorgeous x

Cat_BeLoverly said...

Oh Lexi, you awesome woman you! I would totally share my popcorn and sit next to you on the couch.

I be all the tired too. And also, got the call from work yesterday that I no longer have a job this year. I was due to start teaching tomorrow. Excellent. Or not really so excellent....cos you know, number 2 and all.

Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

Oh love!!! I'm sorry you have to go through all this yuk. I would love to give you a big huge hug. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

melbourneepicure said...

i will sit next to you on the couch and definitely give you a hug. it's ok to feel like this with all the stuff you having going on. i hope things get better for you guys.
in the meantime, big hugs all round x

Qew said...

I can totally relate to this lady. My job finished up last year, unexpected also. It actually takes a huge amount of adjustment & had been completely overwhelming. I love all your posts, so keep em coming. Sunny days are just round the corner. Qew xx

Norbyah Nolasco said...

thinking of you. just taking a moment to catch up on all your posts and reading this one, too. it's not easy, that's for sure. i can totally relate because i have a wonderful hubby, too. and my kiddos are good, but i always feel like i am the bad guy parent. i'm the one who's making sure they pick up their stuff, doing their recycling or compost jobs, etc. i always feel like the parent that is totally in the know, and it's exhausting. and for you the added stress of being the bread winner....stress. so, i'm thinking of you. hope you get that big sleep you deserve.

Sam Stone said...

Big Hugs Lovely Lexi. I too am feeling utterly exhausted at the moment. Let's find some hammocks under a tree in the cool breeze and get some shut eye.

Small Catalogue said...

Oh you poor wee thing. My heart goes out to you. Big Love

little bird big chip said...

ah, cats. squirrelly little demons in disguise. i know deep down they love me, even though mine will NEVER sit on my lap, occasionally bites me on the foot when im brushing my teeth, runs around like a crazy horse at 3 in the morning, meows in my face at 6am when theres no biscuits in the bowl, whomps his tail at me, but yeah, the love. hang in there little buddy, youre real good.