Monday, 17 February 2014

Tess, Tom and I

One of my colleagues gave me this great tip. 

Well actually, I totally shunned it when she first mentioned it. 

In fact I might have called her a grandma. 

But after giving her suggestion some careful consideration, I decided to try it. 

I've been listening to audio tapes. In the car. On my way to work.

And oh boy - it's good.

Say goodbye to road rage, or getting frustrated in long conga lines of traffic - and say hello to Tess, Angel and the man reading the audio book.

It's not nana, it's awesome. 

Earlier in the year I had written about how I wanted to read more books this year. And I have been reading more, and while I didn't think it at first - listening to an audio book is just the same as reading. I get taken to another place, my mind travels, and it feeds my dreams. 

Have you listened to audio books? Got any recommendations for me?

image by Georgia Byron Design


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

One of my friends in my bookclub, who's also a librarian, swears by audio books. She's particularly fond of Bill Bryson and said the guy who read The Book Thief was amazing. I should do this now I'm commuting with a day job - it's only 15 - 20 minutes (bless Newcastle) but that'll be ace.

small catalogue said...

I tend to select my books by narrator (hello spunky voices) and usually pick things I probably wouldn't read. Some stories are so much better read aloud. I also tend to use my digital download quota from the library on audio and ebooks of things that are either very new or very old. The hold queues on new digital content are far shorter than the printed/CD versions. Does your local library have an online Bolinda or Overdrive or similar database you can access and borrow from?

I'm totally Nana to my boots when it comes to the library. I love it so much that I'm gunna be a librarian when I grow up.

PS I can not stand Angel Clare. Possibly my least favourite literary character ever. Why are Thomas Hardy's novels so depressingly sad? He writes beautifully, but the content; heartbreaking.

Cass Ward said...

I haven't borrowed any audio books yet but I have been using overdrive on my iPad/iPod to read books borrowed from the library.

Sam Stone said...

I haven't. But I should give it a go by the sounds of things.