Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscars 2014:: Glenn Close, Jessica Biel, Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson, Jennifer Garner, Liza Minnelli and OLGA

 I do kind of like this. I do. It's Zac Posen, and I like it. But I also think it looks like a Victorian mourning gown. She just needs a netting veil and then she's on her horse drawn carriage and away driver, away! 
 Jessica Biel, do we know how to spell - beige?
 Ever since I saw Anna Kendrick in that beer ad for Newcastle Brown Ale she's pretty much cemented herself in my awesome chicks list. She could wear a garbage bag made out of biodegradable plastic and I'd still be a fan.
Yes, yes, yes. Emma Watson - always magical. Vera Wang today - style icon tomorrow. This time, thankfully you got enough fabric to wrap all the way around.  
 SO - let's get this straight. I love Jennifer Garner, I love this dress, and I love the whole look. It does however remind me of this Muppet's eyelashes and fringe. 

AND one of Dolly Parton's tiered fringed dresses. I just spent way too long googling to no avail. Just trust me. 
 Look. I want to be kind. But silk satin on the red carpet is a friend to no one. 
Not even to those nipple pasties. No. Not even. 

And then there was Olga. Take my breathe away. Holy smokes. That red carpet is on fire. 

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