Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reading With My Kids

Tonight I started something new with my children.

Tonight I came home from work. I got out of my work clothes, showered, and into my pyjamas. I ate my dinner. And then I asked my children if they'd like to read a book with me. 

They were both for it - which made my little heart sing! 

Initially they both brought independent books to me. 

Tiny wanted 'Hello Kitty' and the Doctor wanted 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. But I'd have none of it. 

We needed a book that was mutually awesome. For all three of us. (And then Matt too, if he wanted to join in). 

I pulled some books out. I asked if they were keen. While Tiny was interested in one book, the Doctor was interested in the other. We were going nowhere fast - and when it's bedtime, the clock ticks even faster. 

Finally the Doctor brought out 'The BFG'. 

AHA! Such a classic. I remember being the Doctor's age and burning through all of Dahl's books, I loved them so. It has been a while since I read one. 

After a little more to-ing and fro-ing it was decided. It was to be 'The BFG' - though it was a protesting Tiny who didn't love the lack of colourful pictures, we all curled up on our bed and read at least five chapters together. Those squishy little pyjama clad bodies lay still, those faces - listened intently. 

It was lovely. 

On my drive home tonight I thought about how I could, in a way, close the divide I felt from working long hours and missing out on sharing time with my babies. Reading is a passion we each share. I imagined those little people, listening avidly. The stillness that comes from reading. Books have a way to bring life to a standstill. To fall into a rabbit hole, into another world, and lose reality - even if only for a short 20 minutes. 

My goodness it was worth it. We've got a date tomorrow night to read more - and I have a hunch there'll be no fussing when it's time for bath time. No! Because we'll be edging closer and closer to our shared book time. The time when us three are on the bed listening intently to all that Dahl could fill into those neat pages, and go on an adventure, together. 


Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

Love reading chapter books with the kids, can be hard to find something that suits everyone. Thank God for Roald Dahl

ClaireyHewitt said...

It's no BFG classic but my Miss 8 just read the entire of Anh Do's 'Weir Do' to her Dad. They were laughing from the bedroom so much. It could be a good one for both of your kids, it's silly, but funny, and has pictures.

ClaireyHewitt said...

PS For Tiny, the very old My Naughty Little Sister are good too. I think it is Dorothy Edwards who wrote them.

G said...

Beautifully written Lexi, I still read to my big boy most nights and it cements us somehow every time And the kids tell you things at bedtime...

Sam Stone said...

I love the BFG. We were reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid to our little miss and she got so cheeky and rude, we had to stop!

Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

We are reading Charlie and the chocolate factory for the 1 million isthmian but I love it. Marlo still gets excited when Charlie finds the ticket.x

Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

I meant 1 millionth time.