Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dream Weaver:: Natalie Miller

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend six beautiful hours sitting, chatting and weaving with eight other women.

What a rare treat!

I was so fortunate to be able to attend Natalie Miller's weaving workshop. 

Honestly, this was such a gift - to spend a day doing something I wanted to do. I felt so, so lucky. 

I left the kids at home with Matt for the day, and drove the green and beautiful drive to Robertson. All lush hills, rainbows, cows and  me busy daydreaming - wondering how I could move down this part of the world. Dreamy McDreamerson.

Although I am not what I would term an adept crafter (in fact I may be called the dunce), I had such a great day. It was the perfect therapy: making, chatting, drinking tea, eating incredible cake, and learning from Natalie. 

There's something about making something with your own hands that is positively life-affirming and good for the soul. 

We learnt about yarn, dyeing wool, weaving, and all from the beautiful, generous and talented Natalie. She's pretty darn ace. 

I'm now trying to finish it off at home, with Tiny very keen to help with the bobbin, and Happy Cat available to swipe the yarn at every opportunity. 0_o


Bek said...

Oh wow! Looks so wonderful I went over the Natalie's website and emailed her for dates to future workshops. Thanks for posting. Please post a pic of your finished weaving!!

(I tried to comment earlier, but couldn't get my comment to go through, so here goes again!)

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

Looks amazing Lexi! I did a weaving workshop last year and really enjoyed it, sadly my "masterpiece" is still languishing over on the craft cabinet....I wish I just finished it while I was on a roll..... Goodness, her workshops are VERY reasonably priced. Mel x