Thursday, 24 April 2014

Work Where? Work Wear!

As anyone who reads my blog would know, I am always on the hunt for some star pieces to add into my work wardrobe.

My attention span of loving my existing wardrobe wanes somewhat, so I need to add something new every now and then. They say variety is the spice of life - and this applies to my wardrobe. Otherwise I stand in my bedroom post-shower looking blankly at my clothes - trying to convince Matt I have nothing to wear. We both know the truth - but you're feeling me, right?

I've found three beauties that would look ace together - and make one heck of a workwear outfit - and work with lots of my existing pieces. 
Elk Drop Crotch Pant $150:: I've had an epiphany people, and you're going to be disgusted in me. The only pants I own are jeans. So they don't count. Post-epiphany, I had a pink fit and found these - I am really big loving them - and think they look ace how Elk have styled them with this top, but would look fab with...
This shirt. I am mad for white shirts - this Witchery OCRF Long sleeve bib shirt ($129.95) has stolen my heart. As we know, I am a firm supporter of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation through Frocktober. Proceeds from this shirt go straight to OCRF. And you get a winning hit to your wardrobe. Winning all 'round! 
And to finish it off - these shoes. 

Habbot - every. single. season. nails it for me. Blue velvet? AYE CARUMBA!! These Lennox Blue velvet flats ($320) are pretty much the icing on the cake. I can't rave enough about these - they are pure poetry on heels. Gimme, gimme! 

Have you found any good workwear basics lately?

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Sam Stone said...

Love those shoes :)