Thursday, 15 May 2014

Big Dreams Launches New Online Magazine - And It's Dreamy

this is a sponsored post

When we visited Melbourne at Christmas time, I gathered up some recommendations from friends on great kids shops. I still had some gift shopping to conquer. 

In all of those recommendations Big Dreams kept coming up. Obviously this was a gorgeous store - my friends have impeccable taste. So I swept in there, my jaw dropped (because if you haven't been there, it is beautifully styled and there's so much awesome-ness to drink in) distracted the kids with all the beautiful merchandising, and set to secretly squirrelling bits and pieces away at the counter - those little people of mine were oblivious. 

It was such a great, and memorable shopping experience - the store is filled to the brim with goodness, it was difficult to not go completely crazy (except for the fact my husband was staying within a 3 metre radius of me). 

Happily Big Dreams have launched their brand spanking new magazine for Winter. It's a beautiful edit of pieces available in store (and in their online store). It's the mix of seeing the clothes on real kids, and also the way it's styled - Big Dreams understands kids, and lets them be kids - it's playful, real and big on colour. Just the way I like things. 

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* Very occasionally I write sponsored posts. They're only ever about brands/stores I really, really love, and I know you'll love them too. And I am a massive supporter of Australian retailers. Shop local! This is my honest opinion which is why I can blog openly about it. It's rad. I wanted to share. 

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