Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Met Gala Ball 2014:: Emma Stone, And A Bunch Of Others - As Commentated By Tiny

So tonight I showed Tiny all the photos from the ball. This may have been an error because she then asked me if I was going to give the celebrities her feedback. 

I told her no, I didn't have their number. 

She replied, 'Maybe try and get their dial.'

Without further ado I give you Tiny's (abbreviated) style commentary. Honestly. She wanted to keep doing all of them. But I sent her to bed. 

 Blake Lively: Beautiful mermaid, love the bit on the ground like a mermaid tail. 

Emma Stone: Beautiful, like a stunning little flower.  
 Charlize Theron: Beautiful because it has two stripes and I do like loops a lot. 

 Gisele Bundchen: She looks like slime. And I like it. 

 Kristen Stewart: Like a rockstar that's on stage, her face is like a red shining fish (!)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: I think she is a golden chest of money.

The Doctor got interested in commentating too:
I like the dress, but not the wearer. 

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little bird big chip said...

looks like slime and face like a shining red fish, god that kids good. nailed it.