Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Met Gala Ball 2014:: Kristen Wiig, Breastplate Girl, Solange, Nicole Ritchie, Big Skirt Girl, Maggie Gyllenhaal

HOORAH!! I think Kristen Wiig nailed it! I love this, she looks sharp, and I'm not just referring to her pointy shoes.  Although I am left wondering about that mullet style skirt action. Business up front, party at the back?

I don't know who this is, but she's ready with her breastplate to go dirt bike riding. Handy when you're on the red carpet.

Solange is another person I'd like to be my BFF. I looooove this custom dress. And can she give her sister some hints to stop showing off her granny panties? I am sick of granny panties. And the word panties. It's disgusting.
Yes. Yes. Yes. This reminds me of going onto Level Seven at David Jones when it was all imported designers, and touching the Alberta Ferretti frocks. I lusted after those damn things so hard. I really thought I'd get married in one. And then I forgot about that dream. Oops. In other news, I really love Nicole Ritchie. She's a cool bird.
 Go big or go home was this woman's style brief. And who can blame her. Create some drama and impact, and knock everyone else over on the red carpet with that huge skirt. That way you can score all the red carpet photo opps. 
I would love to be friends with Maggie too. And I LOVE this dress. It's not run of the mill mermaidia style, and I have to thank her for that. She's got a good eye, and she's not afraid to wear something different. And PS - new hair. She's a goddess. 

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Catherine Alekna said...

wha?? why is her dress made of blue steel?!? Like a shark or something. On the other hand - Maggie's dress - i love it!