Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Met Gala Ball 2014:: Amber Valletta, Sofia Coppola, Stella Tennant, Michelle Williams

I know I've told you before I have met Amber Valletta many, many years ago - and I got covered in nervous rash - all over my chest and my face. I love a woman in a man-style tux on the red carpet. The dazzle. The razzle. I love it all. 
Sofia Coppola always looks beautiful. Always. She's my style guru. Except tonight she's also doing the awkward lean. Which makes things... awkward. 

Let it be said, this is my favourite, favourite, favourite dress from the whole soiree. I love the blue feather - it's kind of Mr Snuffleufagus meets a sun bleached Cookie Monster. And I love it. 

And then there was Michelle. Sigh. Swoon. Curtsey. She is the best, isn't she? Do you think she'd be friends with me? (In a non-creepy way). I just adore her. SO FREAKING MUCH.

Tiny said: she looks like a tiger with blue stripes.  

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