Monday, 5 May 2014

Travelling? Tips On How To Nail Your Luggage Woes

Remember when I told you how crummy I am at packing? When we went away at Easter I packed so many woolly pieces, thoroughly convinced it was going to be chilly - and instead it wasn't. I ended up wearing a couple of t-shirts and jeans the entire time, and ignoring the warmer pieces. 

Told you I sucked.

Which is why I've asked three awesome women to share their Holy Grail of packing tips with us today.

Jennifer Loiselle - Australian born, UK based handmade accessories designer:

1. I’m a horrific over-packer (think 6 pairs of shoes for a one week holiday) so I’ve recently learnt to lay everything I intend to take and halve it. Definitely pack light – it also means you can fill up your suitcase with holiday purchases on the way back!

2. Ziplock bags – I’m obsessed with them. All make-up, shampoos, sunblock, goes into these and means that I avoid any messy accidents.

3. Travelling with my 5 year old daughter recently in China who became quite ill has made me realise that I need to bring any medication I can with me. She had a very high temperature and the language barrier made it difficult to communicate what we needed which meant a very expensive trip to an American clinic!

Jasmin Lethbridge - Hair Stylist from Desmond and Molly Jones

1. Only take your fave outfits that you know you look awesome in... I always create and pack outfits that I never wear normally and end up lugging them everywhere and suprise suprise they never get worn!! The same jeans can easily be worn 4/5 days in a row. 

Check the shoe situation. I always get caught out with wrong shoes i.e summer shoes and it'll rain..cold tootsies not good! 

3. Pack any creams/oils in a ziplock bag. Have had a science experiment happen in my toiletries bag before!

4. Get a medication box with all of the partitions to keep your jewels in.

Extra tip! If any beloved stuffed toys/blankets are coming along make sure first thing packed. No explanation needed!

Founder of toxin-free beauty e-tailer Nourished Life, Irene Falcone:

1. Get into layering with your favourite clothing staples – try Bamboo clothing, which is virtually wrinkle free and can be layered for extra warmth or warn along. The Bamboo is a great breathable fabric so perfect for all seasons.

2. Leave the bulky skin care products at home and pack the multipurpose basics! Think facial wipes, which generally come in an easy travel pack and can save you plenty of time (Wot Not do a great wipe that works as a cleanser, toner, exfoliated and eye makeup remover in 1). Also look at investing in an “Everything Balm” if you’re going somewhere cold - The Egyptian Magic is the perfect multipurpose balm which can be used for hydrating and protection for your entire body.

3. Pack the Coco-Lyte dried coconut sachets which you can add to water anywhere for an instant energy and hydration boost without having to carry around bottles of water.

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