Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Stuff I Do

This weekend was wildly exciting. WILDLY! 

You will never, ever in a million years guess what I did this weekend. And you're going to be insanely jealous when you find out.

Because guess what.

I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards.

I know. I am wild. I am a party animal. I have such a compelling social life. 

But to be completely honest, it was quite satisfying. 

We live in a small rented house. It's actually no bigger than a Kleenex tissue box. When we moved in, in order to be able to move around, we just put things away - thinking "We'll come back to that and organise it once everything's unpacked."

And it's been four years. And we never did. Until this weekend. 

I sorted out my vintage vases. Yes. I have a collection. I found all this old paperwork, warranties etc, I find little pieces of family history. I tossed out some things. Like vitamins dating back to 2009. I made a few cupboards look pretty, yet I am still not finished. 

BUT on the way home from doing a little family walk, I saw an antiques store closing down. This is basically like walking a cat past an open tin of sardines. I had to have a look around, though the words from Matt rang in my ears. "Lexi, we're meant to be decluttering. You can look, but you can't buy anything. AND we don't have any money."

Well that bit was true. And yes the other bit was true too. But vintage things are my weakness. I love other people's old stuff. This is well documented from my bin diving days. 

So Tiny and I went for a quick snoop around, and in just 35 minutes I fell madly in love with these vintage shelves. Well I knew we barely had any money in the bank. But they were pulling at my heart strings. 

Everyone got really mad at me (everyone in my family, not the shop) so I took everyone home. Then (shamefully) asked Tiny if I could borrow some money from her money box, and pay her back with interest. That little dolly let me. 

So I snaffled one row of those tin shelves. And yes, Matt told me they were dysfunctional, nothing fits in them properly, but I got them. I know I am ridiculous. 

But I really love them. 


ejorpin said...

I love a good cupboard clean out…and I can see why you had to have those shelves, I'm glad you did!

katiecrackernuts said...

My partner has given up on the stuff I bring home from the op shop. That said, she has started to like and even been known to point out at markets (to which I drag her) West German pottery. I am a bit of a snob though, if it's not an op shop bargain, we're not taking it home. I ain't paying full antique store prices for this stuff I find in op shops. It's wrong, right?

The Restful Nest said...

Quite honestly, if you had posted a photo of these shelves and told us that you hadn't bought them, I would have been forced to not like you any more and that would have made me sad. Anyone who had not snatched up this vintage loveliness could not have been my friend a moment longer! SO, obviously very glad that you did get them (even if it meant borrowing money from Littly Miss Pottymouthmama) so that we can still be best chums (in a vague, internet kind of way)