Sunday, 15 June 2014

Reading:: Murder in Mississippi

It's been a long time between good reads. In fact, I've been so flaky I start reading and then drop off. Like a fly.

There are so many books beside my bed, and I hang my head in shame - I've finished none of them.

I start with great gusto - all a-buzz to get into something new.

I get a few pages in, and since adopting the idea that if it doesn't grab me, I'm not going to further punish myself to read it, I abort mission.

Not so with this book. John Safran's 'Murder In Mississippi' is a really, really great read that I could barely put down. In fact, while stirring risotto one night, wooden spoon in one hand, I had the book in the other. I churned through this in a short term - as testament that it's so well written.

Without giving anything away, the true story is about the murder of a white supremacist in  deepest Mississippi, by a black man. Safran digs up all the grit behind the scenes, finds out more about the supremacist (who he'd met the year before), and about the murderer. 

For the longest time (since I was a teenager and Safran appeared in Race Around the World on ABC) I've been a fan of Safran. His wit, intellect, and ability to pull out an enthralling story and make it not only hugely engaging, while weaving it with humour - it is a real rare talent. I found myself laughing in many places - while Matt looked at me quizzically. I was after all reading about a serious subject.  

You'll like it if you liked: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. 


mogantosh said...

Me too, I am a huge Safran fan Lexi. I even have a recurring dream about him (details in real life one day). loved his gonzo style in this book. If you're havinga true crime moment, 'The People Who Eat Darkness' is incredibly well written and explores the Lucy Blackman murder by picking through the Japanese hostess scene. Great read. xxx

dear olive said...

Oh I want to read this! I read a long excerpt from it in the paper a while back and it was great! Kellie xx