Monday, 16 June 2014

The Cat Pretends He Doesn't Like Me

Case in point. The above photo. 

So he pretends he doesn't like me, yet he follows me from room to room. And sits on the couch right next to my head. Because he doesn't like me much.

He lets me carry him around the house, and then bites me. 
But he only lets me pat him once. And then slinks away.

I may have to roll in catnip and see how he likes those apples. 

Quite frankly, the cat is a bit of a poo.


Sylvia Jastkowiak said...

Hahaha cats are awesome - they break all the rules! I miss having a cat :(

jody said...

Sounds like he's playing hard to get!

Helsyd said...

nawww cats are so special :)