Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Reading:: The Coat Route

Holy cow this is a great, great book. 

A book that I couldn't put down. That I got immersed in. That I faffed around at the end just so it wouldn't finish. I loved it. And I will read it all over again.

Author Meg Lukens Noonan heard about a $50,000 coat that was made in Australia. $50,000 - ouch. Sounds like high fashion pomp and circumstance, and some wankery too for good measure, right?


It's all about the artisans who created this coat. About the dying arts that culminated in this incredibly beautifully crafted coat. She travels the world to learn about every stitch that goes into it to form the sheer understated beauty of something made with such thought. 

It's the antithesis of fast fashion. It embraces the slow beauty of handmade. Lovingly created. It delves into history. Beauty. And musty old button factories in small UK towns. 

Honestly, if you hate the smell of cheap clothing (H&M I am pointing my finger at you) - and what it is doing to our world (not only the ethical issues with cheap labour, but that polyester doesn't breakdown easily - and so many other implications), then I have a big hunch you are going to love this book. 

I can't recommend it enough. Five out of five stars. 

You can buy The Coat Route here


hugoandelsa said...

ooh this sounds fascintating tale - thanks for the heads up!

Lexi Kentmann said...

It is so, so great. I never wanted it to end.