Monday, 4 August 2014

I Disappeared:: Loving

Crumbs. It's been a long time since I posted. 

Sorry old chaps. 

I've been busy. I'm sure you have too. Here's four snaps that sum up my two weeks away from ye olde blogge.

Let's go clockwise from top left. 

1. I went to Perth. For less than 24 hours. That really, really hurt. I think I'm still recovering. But I did go to this awesome gallery space - and these paintings caught my eye

2. Bread and Circus is one of my favourite places to eat. I've been there five times now and each time I eat something different. This is The Super Bowl. My goodness it was good. And after two full on weeks, I needed to recharge the goodness levels in my body. This helped. A lot. 

3. I got to sneak preview the new Spring Collection from Habbot. These yellow punched leather beauties have pretty much stolen my heart. I am in yellow lust. 

4. I have now made this chocolate cake I spied over on Checks and Spots three times. In two weeks. That might not be a healthy obsession, but it is super simple. And delicious. 


What's been cooking in your kitchen? What have you been up to? 


Reannon @shewhorambles said...

Lucky you were only here for 24hrs! I bet you were here when the weather was cold & crappy too weren't you? It's not normally like that!

I'm off to check out that cake x

amanda said...

ooh, nice one! I've been thinking about chic cake for ages but not had a recipe, gonna give this one a crack this weekend! thanks!

Diana @The Third Row said...

Oh I wish I had seen this chocolate cake recipe last week!! I googled 'easy chocolate cake recipe' (I regularly google 'easy X recipe') and found one that was OK but I wouldn't call it a keeper. Will give this one a burl though. I actually traded a quarter of it for a bowl of my Indian neighbour's crab curry. I know who got the better deal...

Kate Dixon said...

Let me know if you ever go to B&C on a Monday or Thursday. Around the corner from me - we could have a date! xx