Monday, 25 August 2014

Reading:: #GIRLBOSS

I could go all out and say what a great read this is. But I would be completely lying. 

What starts out as a good, empowering, girl power type read, wound up for me being a repetitive mission to finish the book. 

Founder of Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso writes about how she came to be this amazing fierce leader. But man, I spent the book wishing they invested in a ghost writer.

I really wanted to love it. I really wanted it to be so much more. I wanted it to give me a kickstart to kick some ass, but instead I just found it like some circular jerk fest. 

No doubt she's cool, clever, brave, smart and stylish - but this book left me gagging to finish it. It was self-serving and by the end I'd heard enough of how bad ass she was. I mean if you're bad ass it's not meant to be you saying that, is it?!

I did take away a few small cherries of wisdom - and loved that she's come from scratch and built her empire, and enjoyed the back stories, but it's not a book I imagine I'll revisit anytime soon. Or ever. 

However I do love her spirit. The idea that anyone can do anything with hard work and an idea. That you don't have to have a pedigree and a university degree to succeed in life. I liked that. I loved that she shared so much about her life, where she's come from, where she's been, but I just felt like it really lacked a punch. And I really wanted it to punch me from here to infinity. 

I give it 2.5 stars. 

#GirlBoss from Booktopia $23.95 

* Reading is all about what I'm reading. It's not sponsored. It's simply me, reading a book and sharing with you. A book club of sorts. I've read three books this year. This is three more than I did last year.

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theredthread said...

Oh yes, I completely agree Lexi! With EVERYTHING you said. Great review.

Johanna said...

Oh, me too - ST-RUGGLING to finish it atm...