Monday, 25 August 2014

MTV VMAs 2014:: Solange, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Jordin Sparks, Amber Rose, Jessie J

So much yes right here. Don't even dare say anything bad about Solange. Not one peep. For me, she just always nails it, never puts a fashion foot wrong (perfect segue to look at her midnight blue pedi). I just love this oversized glittering black suit and Diana Ross-esque hair. Simple, stylish, ridiculously cool. (PS it's from H&M.)
As far as Minaj and red carpets go - I think we came off pretty well this year. She's actually not revealing 99% of her skin. Instead she is showing off some snake skin instead. Pretty tasteful if you've seen the Anaconda film clip 0_o which is now burnt into my retinas. Plus her hairs are looking pretty glam. I rate it! 

Whoever pulled this swifty on Swifty should be given a firm talking to. Girlfriend better not squat down or she's going to have a major wedgie and the aftermath of a camel toe to contend with. Ain't nobody's business getting into her business. 
FYI - this is not Darryl Hannah. It's Iggy Azalea in metallic Versace. I love the cut of her jib, the line of her hips, pretty well everything. Hot.

What is that thing in the US where they're not meant to wear white until after Labor Day? Or vice versa? Jordin Sparks (who is this?) is moonlighting on The Love Boat and CSI Miami as a croupier. She took Captain Stubing AND Horatio Caine as her dates. Talk about working the red carpet. 
Amber Rose is a beautiful, smart woman. Sadly I can not say the same for this dress. Or lack of. 
I just realised I haven't put the celery back in the fridge. It's going to be wilted and no one likes wilty celery.

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