Friday, 31 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: Day 31 - Last DAY! Carmen Miranda

What a wild ride this month has been! Thank you for coming along. Thank you for your generosity. Your kind words. Your lifting me up in whatever way. 

Mid-month, I really, really thought I was going to struggle hitting the $10k. I was really worried and more than a couple of times my mouse lingered over the goal button, wondering if I should adjust it. 

I am so frocking glad I didn't. I am so glad you came along for the ride.

There are SO many people I need to thank that helped me reach my goal. So many. 

For starters, my excellent, beautiful, generous friend Emilie, who has taken my photo most days - she has a wonderful eye, and I can't even begin to thank you! Thank you mostly for being exceptionally patient - particularly when I kept banging on about taking my photo. It's a task! 

I must also thank Matt and the Doctor and Tiny. Most people won't know but I put a lot into frocking up each day (and then social media-ing 'til all hours after work) - which means my mind is elsewhere. The house is a mess, I may have been a bit grumpy, and you've been exceptional. Thank you.

I won't go into all the thank yous today, because really. Let's talk about the outfit. Carmen Miranda. A true style icon. I kept waking up all night wondering if Carmen was enough. Well of course Carmen is and always will be enough, but was Lexi as Carmen enough (after Frida, what would satiate the frocking hungry?). Then I wondered if the vintage frock I had kept aside was enough.

I hope you think it's enough.

I've had fun as Carmen. She's a brilliant, strong, inspirational woman.

And to raise money to support brilliant, strong, inspirational women? I hope it goes some way in finding an early detection test for ovarian cancer. 

This is my third year of Frocktober, I wanted it to be bigger and better - and it frocking was. You  guys made it frocking frocktastic. 

Thank you. 

(this is a photo Emilie took of me working. So serious. Find Em on Instagram at @milietea - you should follow her. She's ace)

You can still sponsor me here
All funds raised goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


nicole kane said...

lexie, you are amazing!!

you've done such a fab job and are a total inspiration!


hugoandelsa said...

I yi, yi, yi, yi, like you very much!

Frock This Town said...

Yes, it's enough, and then some!

Reannon @shewhorambles said...

This is the best way to say Frock off ovarian cancer!
You are too fabulous Lexi xx