Friday, 31 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: You Can't Stop The Frocks

Just because Frocktober is almost done and dusted - doesn't mean the frocks, fashion and frivolity have to stop.

I am pretty adept at navigating a good frock. This is my third year of Frocktober, and after 93 frocks -  I would consider myself a bit of a frocking expert. (Ok 93 might be an exaggeration, but have you seen my bedroom lately? FROCK!)

Today I'm sharing a bit of a frocking round up. I might not have been to any frocking shops, but I've let my fingers do the fashion-stalking and found 10 that will make your frocking heart BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

So we all know how much I LOVE Australian fashion. I'm an avid supporter of Australian labels and designers, which brings me to something else I really, really love. The Third Row. Diana (the brains and beauty behind TTR) contacted me and asked if I'd love to merge my love of frocks, with my love of independent Australian designers into a popup shop. 

No brainer. I said YES PLEASE! And here it is! I've personally chosen a lot of frocks that I LOVE and I hope you do too. 

1. Lilya Beatriz dress from Style Milk: Loving this simple navy dress. It's great with sandals or heels, and perfect to throw on and feeling frocking fabulous.

2. PAM Scops Dress/Top in Washed Denim from Dagmar Rousset: Two garments in one? Aye carumba, that nails my ever growing washing pile. Oh how I love this.

3. Maria dress in Blue Lagoon from Lazybones: These frocks are so perfectly feminine and easy to wear in cotton - brilliant for summer. The cuts are bang on, and the prints? Aye aye aye!!

4. Natashya Manfield 'Peggy' dress: I love this full-tilt colour, the cut, the fabric, the print. And it's magic to wear it too. 

5. Nancybird Olive dress in 'Anemone': Such an easy cut to wear, and in silk, it's so perfect for our hot summer - that print is super gorgeous and the palette means it works with almost any hue - winning!

6. Obus 'Cheveyo' dress: There's so much to say about this frock. The cut. The pleats. The exposed hard wear (read: the zip). The visual punch. I am pretty well prepared to marry it. 

7.  Gorman 'Take Flight' dress: I have been salivating over this frock for a couple of weeks. I really love the tone of that blue, and the cut is the best thing since sliced bread. 

8. Alpha 60 'Eleta' dress: This reminds me SO much of my Mum - she had a plethora of brilliant frocks when she was around my age, some of them are still kicking around in my wardrobe. And. Pockets. 

9. Secret South 'Sarah' Shirt dress from Style Milk: I am a big fan of prints, it usually means little accessorising required (unless, like me, you LOVE accessorising, and then go for it!). I dig the aztec vibe, and think this is a great work to play frock. 

10.  Gorman Lobster Cotton dress: Did somebody say lobster? Well I may be the only person that's not that enamoured with eating it, but as a print? I want second helpings. 

This is just 10 - but there are LOADS more I have personally chosen - that I am madly coveting now. 

Shop more of my favourite frocks over on The Third Row in the PottyMouthMama PopUp! 

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