Saturday, 4 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: Day 4 - 70s Floral

It's day 4 frockstars! 

Today I brought out an old favourite. A vintage frock I bought off eBay, back when I shopped for vintage on eBay. Like over 11 years ago. Vintage to me, and vintage back then, it's totes legit vintage. 

It's one of my all time favourite frocks, circa 70s, and bears a beautiful bright floral print. It's floaty and feminine and I really love wearing it. I wore it to one of Matt's early exhibitions when we were first courting. Yes. I did just write courting. 

My friend Em kindly took my snaps today, thank you Em! 

Don't forget there's a serious reason I am frocking up. Despite the frivolity and the fun, there is fury in my fundraising.

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death of all gynaecological cancers.

Over 50% of the community incorrectly believe a pap smear diagnoses ovarian cancer.

Too many good women have been lost to ovarian cancer, now's our chance to make a difference and fund research into this insidious disease. Please sponsor me now and help find an early detection test. All money raised goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

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