Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: For Teenage Boys

Teenagers. Ah teenagers. So angsty. So cool. 

I remember being a teenager so well. And then I cringe. 

But let's not talk about me wearing oversized Keppers and Malcolm X t-shirts. No. Let's press on and talk about my ideas for Christmas gift giving for teenagers. Then we can all celebrate something. Lolz. 

Without further ado. YOLO. 

1. DIY Synth Kit X Technology Will Save Us from Third Drawer Down $45: Make your own electro musical instruments with this cool kit that requires no soldering required. This could keep them busy for hours. 

2. Folding Crate from The SuperCool $5: Available in a whole range of colours, these would make a cool gift to get your teenager to tidy their room (but pretend it's on their terms). You could pop a few goodies in there, and organisation could soon be the new nirvana. Just no one tell Kurt I said that. 

3. Pizza pillowcase from Kip & Co $24.50: As someone that was once a teenager, I can tell you, sleep is pretty good. And so is pizza. So why not combine these two great loves into one dreamy reality?

4. RVCA Chine 5 Panel Cap from Surfstitch $39.95: They'll look cool - and have some sun protection. 

5. Tre table lamp from Freedom $139: Give the gift of good lighting! Whether it's on a desk or a bedside, I really, really love this lamp (so much so that I own two!). It's a really practical task lamp, that oozes style. 

6. Clear Start Trial set from Dermalogica $35: I once gave some of this to my nephews and they really loved it. Remember battling your skin woes when you were a teenager? Well this is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

7. Voice and Accents workshop at the Australian Theatre for Young People $160: Get them mixing with some fresh peeps, give them a boost of confidence and arm them with some new skills to have fun! 

8. Movie Gift Card from Event Cinemas $25: Who doesn't love going to see a movie on the big screen? 

9. Everlast Prime Mantis Boxing Focus Pads from Rebel $80: Encourage them to get fit and get all their frustrations out with some swift manoeuvres and a great energy outlet. 

10. Pineapple lamp from Lark $195: Big ticket item, but heck, it packs a punch (but don't add this to the punch). Gifting pieces for their bedroom can get them in there and tidying up before you can even pour yourself a pina colada. 

Want more ideas? 

What about some daily fragrance - you could make a whole gift pack up! (My sister did this once and the boys LOVED it - complete with a toiletries bag to hold everything.)

Tickets to a game? Sydney Kings are in their high season. Get court side together. 

Vouchers are always good - for music, books, or clothes. You can never fail. 


Christmas World AU said...

Great gift ideas! I think any teenage boy will love the Everlast Prime Mantis Boxing Focus Pads :)

With lots of love from the North Pole,
Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World

Filomena Mihas said...

Love the skin care what a great idea ! Thankyou ❤️