Friday, 12 December 2014

Pssst! Got a cute baby? (sp)

I just have to tell you this. After buying a Claire Aristides gift for a very good friend recently, I've become a bit obsessed with her jewellery. Claire's. Not my friend's. Although her jewellery is very beautiful too. 

However I got chatting to Claire, which in turn led to the Yo Mama! interview. And me being all crazy in love with her.

If you have a cute baby (man, I wish I did!), you simply must enter your wee one in the Claire Aristides Baby Face competition. 

It closes on Monday, so get your snaps in pronto and enter - all you have to do is share a pic on Facebook or Instagram, and hashtag #ClaireAristidesBabyFace #CABabyFace and tag @clairearistidesjewelry.

For more details, head here where you can find the very impressive list of prizes. 

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