Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Life with cat

It's almost a year since we first met Happy. 

We met at the Cat Protection Society. He sat next to Matt. His brother was a bit of a bully to him. And then he climbed up Matt's arm and sat on his shoulder. 

Since then I have undergone a rapid transformation back into a crazy cat lady. 

I say back because I had the love of my life, Yoko, aka Boozie for 14 beautiful years, and my goodness, you've seriously never met a better cat. When he died, I was 21. I still think about that beautiful boy. 

Happy is a crazy, slinky, minxie, moody cat. As only cats are. 

I am desperate for him to love me. So instead he snubs me.

Please. Send help.

1 comment:

shinelittlelight said...

I can help - but you'd have to trade your cat for a dog... ;) xsx