Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pink Things

So last week I promised I'd collate all the good pink things I could find, that you could work into your wardrobe. I failed you last week, but I am not failing this week my friends.

Just in case you can't walk around in a beautiful pink explosion - here I am.

Get some pink in your... sink?

No. That doesn't work.

Get some pink, darlink. Yes. That will do.

1. Naomi Murrell Calypso dress $260: The perfect Christmas day dress. Or any day dress. I just love those layers of ruffles in that muted pink. Sigh. And then swoon.
2. Ziera Peta in Blush $179.95: Cool and cute for everyday wear, these are also super duper comfortable.
3. McKean Studio San Francisco City Bangle $66: Megan McKean is so super clever, these bangles have been on my wish list since the 18th of Forever
4. Country Road Linear Print Shift Dress $179: I don't know anyone who couldn't love a shift dress, and in the perfect combo of pink and green - yes, I'll take that too.
5. Hobes Boat Hobe in Blush $169: I've been crushing on these for so long. I think they're a great summer shoe - with frocks or pants, they frocking rock.
6. Gorman Lobster Top from The Third Row $149: Ditch the lobster bib, no one looks good in those anyway, and adopt the Lobster top. LOVE!

1. Claire Aristides Hydra Black Agate Statement Ring (was $380) $190: I am madly, madly coveting this ring. And yes, it's largely black, but with that glimmer of pink, I think I might be in love. 
2. Fabrik Bathing shoe in Pastel Peach $54.95: These are totally what I want/need/have to have for Summer. 
3. Angus & Celeste Rosewood Ply Necklace $79: Just want a hint of pink? Aye aye aye! This necklace is pretty gorgeous. 

If you can't find something pretty and pink in this group - well I just don't know what can help you. 

Have you seen any pretty pinks lately?

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Diana @The Third Row said...

Thank you for reminding me about the bathing shoes!! Just added them to my Christmas wishlist.