Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Yo! Yo! Yo! Jingling all the way with Sunday Collector

"I like to theme my Christmas wrapping every year. Attached is a photo of my efforts for 2012 - confetti and luggage tags. It usually takes me hours to wrap all my presents (I have a big family), but it's something I love to do." Briar Stanley, Sunday Collector

If you don't know Sunday Collector, then you really owe it to yourself to take a look. 

Briar Stanley, the brains and beauty behind Sunday Collector is an interior decorator, mother, wife, and all-round bloody awesome. She shares her beautiful inspiration, a keen eye and tales of her incredibly gorgeous baby-child Sunday. 

I can not get enough of Sunday Collector. 

If I was going to get Briar a Christmas gift, I'd give her: a pair of oversized designer sunnies - because she looks like a mega-star. 

Let's go! Let's talk to Briar!

What do you do on Christmas eve?
My mum hosts an early dinner for all of us (my sisters, their husbands and kids). We contribute with different dishes, and we are all really in to our food - so it's quite the feast. The past five years my mum has also made giant and fabric bonbons (I'm talking 50cm in length, 20cm in diameter), so it's becoming a bit of a tradition at the dinner table on the eve of Christmas. 

Please tell me your favourite Christmas childhood memory.
After all the presents were open, my Mum would always give me a giant pinwheel lollipop and I was allowed to eat for breakfast (always on the lawn, so I didn't get sticky fingers on the sofa). 

What did you leave out for Santa? 
Beer and carrots. Although, I remember feeling deeply concerned that Santa must be getting very drunk if every child was leaving things like beer out. 

What time do you get up on Christmas morning?
As a child it was around 5am. My Mum tells the story that I'd yell "He's beeeeeen!" from the loungeroom and wake up the whole house. I'd then inform my sisters what big items had arrived for them from Santa before they'd even got out of bed. Something my family calls 'fizz-gigging' which apparently means snooping around wrapped presents. One of my strongest memories of my dear old Nan at Christmas time is her saying to me "Stop your fizz-gigging buggar-lugs!!"

These days, with a toddler who doesn't seem to sleep - it's back to 5am wake ups. 

Favourite part of Christmas?
Giving gifts to my loved ones and the food coma after a long, late lunch on the big day. 

What's on your wish list this year?
This cute watch.

And anything from this recent gift guide I compiled on my blog.

What's one thing you'll be gifting/giving this year?

Crayola scissors for by 2 year old daughter, Sunday. If she's got scissors, stickers and some paper, she's a happy girl. 

Check out Sunday Collector here

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